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Seniors (age 60 and over) interested in academic courses should apply online under the DOORS program if you are not planning to seek a degree. This special admissions program waives certain standard requirements such as standardized test scores. However, you may still be required to meet individual course requirements or take the DOORS placement exams before enrolling in any Math or English classes. If you are planning to seek a degree, you may apply online, selecting your intended major. Please feel free to contact University Connection if you have questions or need assistance with your application or course selection.

How to Enroll?

  • Apply online (new students must create an account before accessing the application portal)
  • Continuing students need not apply again
  • Immunization Compliance forms may be required. Contact Student Health Services for more information at
  • Once admitted, admission and enrollment information will be emailed to you

What classes are available?

  • The Registrar's Office maintains the current Schedule of Classes.
  • Students must meet all pre-req and co-req course requirements. In some cases, permission from the course instructor can be used to waive such requirements.

How much will I have to pay?

The 60-Plus tuition waiver covers the cost of tuition and reduces the amount of fees assessed for up to three (3) credit hours per semester

  • Students will be assessed the following fees: Technology, Academic Excellence, Operational, Building Use, Energy, and Records and Evaluation
  • For Explanation of Fees, click here
  • Online courses are assessed an additional $30 per credit hour, which will be charged to the student
  • Course fees, studio fees, art fees, etc., when assessed, will be charged to the student
  • Courses offered within any online degree programs, or through CompleteLA, are not eligible for the 60-Plus tuition waiver

When is the deadline to pay fees?

The deadline to pay fees and retain your schedule is the first day of class

How do I schedule courses and pay fees?

Once admitted and you have no holds, you will be eligible to schedule your course(s). View the guides below for step-by-step information on activating your account, scheduling, paying for your courses and accessing your email, class schedule, Moodle, etc.

  • New On Campus?- Activate your account and steps of accessing email and Moodle
  • Schedule Classes- NOTE: Non-degree students will not be required to meet with an advisor.
  • How to Pay - NOTE: Students must request the 60-Plus waiver each semester by contacting University Connection. The waiver must be manually adjusted and will not assess automatically. The waiver will not be applied to your account until you have courses scheduled and will not be applied retroactively.


Once you have scheduled your course and paid your fees, you are ready to attend class. Monitor your student email and Moodle for communication from your instructor.